System Requirements

Browser and software requirements for our online training system.

Here are the minimum software and browser requirements to use online training with Even though users may meet the minimum requirements, we still recommend they update their software and browser, along with its plug-ins, to the latest released version. We have included a link to each of the appropriate software websites, where, if necessary, users can download the latest version of the programs they require. Also, we recommend all users have high-speed internet in order to have good access to our online courses.

It should be noted that while the vast majority of our users do not have any issues meeting the minimum system requirements, occasionally we do have users who have trouble accessing our online training because of local settings or other factors. Usually, these issues are the result of slower internet connections or out-dated computer hardware.

To use online training, users should have a basic knowledge of computers. This should include, but is not limited to, the ability to use a mouse, of which involves knowing the difference between left-click and right-click; the ability to open and close documents and web pages; and the ability to navigate a website and web pages. Those with no computer experience at all, may have trouble using our online training and, for their own benefit, may want to enroll in a basic computer training class before using any of our online courses. Advanced computer users will be able to use our eLearning system to its full capacity.



Apple Safari logoApple Safari
Minimum requirement: Safari 3.0 and above

Mozilla Firefox logoMozilla Firefox
Minimum requirement: Firefox 2.0 and above

Google Chrome logoGoogle Chrome
Minimum requirement: Chrome 40 and above

Windows Internet Explorer logoWindows Internet Explorer
Minimum requirement: Internet Explorer 10 and above

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader logo
Minimum requirement: 6.0 and above

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player logo
Minimum requirement: 7.0 and above


CookiesStudents must enable cookies on their browsers.


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©2023 HAZWOPERTraining