Asbestos Awareness

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What is Hazards of Asbestos in the Workplace Training? 

If you’re in construction or another industry where you may come across asbestos in the workplace, like repair, demolition, or renovations, the information in our course will be invaluable to your health. After course completion you will understand why asbestos is so dangerous, the adverse health side effects you could face after exposure, and how to minimize your exposure to asbestos. You will also understand the appropriate personal protective equipment you should select and how to safely remove asbestos-contaminated materials.  

Topics Covered

  • Describe the hazards of asbestos in the workplace. 
  • Discuss the health effects of exposure to asbestos. 
  • Identify and assess asbestos-related work activities. 
  • Apply control measures for low-risk, moderate-risk, and high-risk activities. 
  • Relate the proper disposal of asbestos-containing material. 
  • Select appropriate protective equipment. 

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©2023 HAZWOPERTraining